Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Caerphilly Castle

Since I won't let a little snow stop my castle exploration, I dragged Ben out of our warm flat and up to Caerphilly to see Caerphilly Castle, a very large and old castle.

As you can see, the snow was still everywhere!

Despite my Ugg knock off boots, I was slip sliding all around on the ice, desperately clinging to Ben as he laughed at the silly Floridian ;)

But it was all worth it for this outside shot of the castle:

Isn't that just beautiful?  Well, that's coming from a castle crazy history buff ;)

We made out way up the snowy drawbridge to the castle entrance:

here's the persecution of Ben:

Here is a view of the moat surrounding the castle:

People were feeding the ducks who would swoop down to land in the moat only to find out it was completely frozen!  Poor ducks!

The interior of the castle was quite stunning in that it resembled the relics of a once grand castle, you could imagine how imposing a building it once was:

We had a great time exploring the inside of the castle:

and admiring the beautiful views from on top of and outside of the castle:

then we got to Ben's favorite part of any castle we've ever been to.............the weapons!

Here's Ben trying out the giant crossbow:

after a long, cold day of castle exploration, we popped into a local pub and relaxed till our train came in:

Before we left Ben paid homage to local legend, Tommy Cooper, apparently a famous comedian/magician born in Caerphilly.  Here is his statue in the middle of town:

We then waited at the station for our train to take us back to Cardiff:

I couldn't help but admire these adorable vintage rail station signs for Caerphilly:

Here's Tommy Cooper again!

Another great castle day :)

Winter Wonderland!

So after the snowfall on Friday, Ben and I decided to once more visit the Winter Wonderland of Cardiff, only this time there was snow!  We met up with Charlie and Paul whom I had met at the Cheltenham races and were in town for the day.  After some mulled wine (yuck) and hot chocolate with a shot of Bailey's (yum!), we walked through the Castle Cardiff grounds and admired the freshly fallen snow:

Ben I rode the ferris wheel which overlooked the Winter Wonderland's ice skating rink and rides:

As well as beautiful views of Cardiff's historic buildings and skyline at sunset:

We definitely had a good time on the ferris wheel taking pictures and taking in the views:

but don't think I'll ever attempt the ice skating rink!

Friday, November 26, 2010


Today Cardiff has it's very first snowfall of the season!  It started snowing about 2pm and it's still going!  Here are some shots outside the office, when the snow first started:

and here is the same parking lot just three hours later:

Probably wasn't a good day for me to wear flats to work ;)

But I made it home and took some shots of the parking lot outside our flat, which is even MORE covered in snow:

but at least it made our Christmas tree look even more Christmassy with the snow falling in the background:

However if this is the only day of snow Cardiff experiences all winter, I'd be happy with that too ;)