Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fish & Chips on a Windy Day

Saturday Ben and I headed into the bay on a very windy day!  I tried to show just how windy it was by taking a picture of the flags flying stiff straight in the wind:

Also the whitecaps in the water:

Ben had to take shelter in this sculpture on the bay, can you spot him?

Luckily we didn't blow away in the wind and made it to Harry Ramsden's for some traditional fish and chips!

Apparently you have gravy on your chips (or fries as us Yanks call them), curry sauce for dipping and mushy pease (mashed peas) to eat with your fish, it was excellent!

Ben ordered an extra plate of chips and an order of bread and butter then wrapped his chips in the bread and butter and ate them like a sandwich, so bad and he knows it!  ;)

We washed it all down with beer and a fancy water:

Very traditional English food indeed!

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