Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Roath Park

Since Sunday was such a beautiful, sunny day, we decided to head over to Roath Park in Cardiff via the bus.  Here we are patiently waiting for our bus to arrive:

One quick ride over and we arrived at Roath Park, a Victorian style park:

It even has a green house!

We headed inside to the warm humid air, felt just like Florida!

My camera kept fogging up because it was so nice and warm inside :)

I loved all the palm trees, reminded me of home!

Of course we don't have many koi swimming around in Florida ;)

I loved the tropical greenhouse, I think we could have stayed for hours!

but....there was much more to be seen, like the lighthouse on the lake:

Here I am holding it up:

there were also tons of swans and on the lake, Ben and I had bought duck food at the greenhouse so we could feed them:

I liked this guy because he was the awkward teenager who hasn't quite grown into himself yet:

He definitely got the most food ;)

After feeding the swans we headed inside to the warm cafe for tea and scones, so English!

In all, a beautiful day out on the lake and another great day of exploring Wales!

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