Monday, February 21, 2011

Last Sunday in Cardiff!

Since Sunday was my last weekend in Cardiff, Ben took me to the Custom House for a Sunday roast via the Barrage, which runs along the water.  We got some work in on the way.

Ben working the wheel:

and me, pushing some coal:

Then we reached Custom House for a well deserved roast dinner!

After a very satisfying dinner, we met Thom, Katy and Sandra for drinks and celebrated my last night out in Cardiff.

Thom and Ben, drinking very manly fruity drinks:

Ben's look of drunk satisfaction:

Thom, Ben and I finishing a drink together:

and Katy, Sandra and I enjoying the night.  I of course kept to my trusty Grey Goose martini:

What a great last night out and to top it all off we had a flaming banana dessert:

Now that's the way to end a great night ;)

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